Sometimes the works need additional repairs requiring the replacement of broken or missing parts.

The works are removed from the case and using various solutions, the mechanism is immersed in a ultrasonic cleaner to remove dirt, old lubricant and corrosion.  Minor repairs are included.  The works are then tested and reinstalled inside the case.

In cases which the works are in poor condition an option is to replace the works with an equivalent one.  That is, a Sessions mantel clock works would be replaced with a Sessions mantel clock works.

OUR services

Another option is to convert to a quartz movement which can be an easy way to enjoy an old clock without having to wind it.  Many electric clocks can also be converted.



Many parts are available, but if we do not have them in stock, we can order the parts you need.  Many times, original parts can be found.  Also, new and reproduction parts can be found.





Pick-up and delivery service is available.  Also, we do clock setup and some repairs can be performed right in your home.